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When you donate to The Knapp Family you are making an eternal impact not only in their lives but also in the lives of those they reach on a daily basis.

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The Knapp Family

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We take the time to read the Bible with many others who have never read it for themselves. We are also serving in different areas within the church. Outside of that, we look for opportunities to build relationships and share Jesus.

Germany Needs Jesus

Europe, over all, is 3.1% Evangelical Christian and Germany is right under the average at 2.9%.
It is estimated that Germany is 60% Christian which sounds great but it is deceiving. Of that 60 %, most belong to the State Churches (Lutheran + Catholic). Members of those churches are required to pay taxes to those churches, which you can imagine would give one a negative view of Jesus. It's not enough to be Christian in name only. Paying taxes to the church doesn't make one a follower of Jesus. Germany needs the true message of Jesus.
Recently Germany allowed over a million refugees to enter her country and many of those are Muslims. This is an open door from God to be able to share Jesus with those people.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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Last night we went on a traditional lantern walk with Max’s Kindergarten. Max made a lantern, stuck a candle in it and we walked around the neighborhood for probably an hour with a large group of people. There were drums, flutes, and singing.

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