Bring It On

Last night, we had our first Let’s Start Talking information meeting for 2010.  Two years ago when we did this, we had maybe 5-7 people show up.  So needless to say my expectations for a big show was minimal.  Well, what do you know God proved me wrong.  Last night we had 38 people come to the meeting and sign up for English Lessons.  God is Good!!!  This is a way bigger turnout than I ever thought would happen, so I am very excited.

Today I have started with my first reader, and all is going well.  Then I got a phone call, yet another person wants to sign up — hooray!  Wow, now how to schedule all this.  Big thanks to God, for being so great and providing us with lots of work.  Big thanks to Uwe, for the great job he is doing being the LST project manager with his awesome organization skills.  Big thanks to Uwe, Dagmar, Stephan, Heinke, Randy, and Katy from the Christusgemeinde for talking with people and keeping them occupied until we could set up a meeting time with them.  It was an awesome night!

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