How to Build Christlike Character

My thoughts below are inspired from Jeff Iorg’s book The Character of Leadership.

God Uses His Word

  • Every thought we think and action we take needs to be grounded in a standard.  For the Christian it is God’s Word.
  • Make it a goal to read the Bible daily.  I try to read 10 chapters a day with Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System.
  • Study the Bible carefully.  Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks is a good resource for this.
  • Listening to good sermons.  Please choose a teacher who doesn’t preach cotton candy fluff.  I prefer to listen to Randy Gariss.
  • Memorize Scripture.

“The desire to become more like Jesus is evidence of a healthy Christian commitment.  You are seeking God’s ultimate purpose and expect to be changed.  For this process to genuinely result in Christ being formed in you, however, the Bible must be a vital part of your life.  You must submit this entire process of character development to the Word of God and what it teaches about life, about God, and about experiencing God. ~Jeff Iorg

 God Uses Your Circumstances

  • God uses the place you are serving in right now.
  • God uses our friends.
  • God uses our so-called enemies.
  • God uses circumstances beyond our control to shape us.  Think of Joesph and all the trials he didn’t ask for but that help shape who he became.

It is not the circumstance alone that causes us to form the character of Christ.  It is choosing to deal with our circumstances in a Christ like behavior.

For example, how did Jesus treat those who opposed him?  Did he retaliate?  No.  He did what he told us to do.  He prayed for them (Matthew 5:44, Luke 23:34).

These are just few examples on how to build Christlike character.  What are some other ways?

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