We have lived and served in Peine, Germany since May of 2010. We just passed 10 years of service in May of 2020! When we first moved here we had no intention of owning a vehicle. In 2012 we started our family with Max and in 2018 we added our third child with Alena. We have noticed that it is becoming increasingly inconvenient to get around town on our bikes when we are hauling three children. We now believe it is the right time to start raising funds for a vehicle. If you would like to donate to our vehicle fund you can follow the direction below to do so. If you decide to donate THANK YOU!

Your Donation is Tax Deductable
Support Us via Your Smartphone 1. Text donation amount & Missionaries to Germany Car Fund to 918-779-1947
2. You will be prompted to visit a secure URL to complete registration including securely providing your credit card or debit card info (only takes a minute)
3. When registration is completed, your donation payment will process.
You Can Also Donate By Check 1. Make check out to Inola Christian Church
2. Put ‘Missionaries to Germany Car Fund’ in the memo
3. Please DO NOT put our names on the check for IRS purposes.
Goal $12,500This is the cheapest used vehicle I found. Higher priced used vehicles are around $20,000 dollars. We don’t intend on spending that much!
Total Donated $5,000