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Showing Hospitality with Tacos and the NFL

Last night we invited our long-time friend, Jakob and our church’s intern Seth over for supper and an NFL game.  Our main focus in Peine, Germany is relationship building through hospitality so it’s always good when we get to do this.  We made our favorite fun food, which is tacos.  It was just last year that the local big grocery store began to carry soft corn shells.  Those are the kind I (David) grew up on when my dad would cook the family tacos.

In recent years Germany has begun to air NFL games.  We get two games a Sunday but Germany is really good at choosing a game between popular teams.  I prefer this because where I grew up the local station showed the Cowboys or the Chiefs.  This is difficult for a Packers fan.  Since the Packers are good this year then there is a good chance I will get to see them play.  Unfortunately, the Cowboys and Chiefs aren’t too bad either. 😉

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