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My Baby Shower

On October 14, 2012, Katy Smelser threw me my first baby shower.  It was a blast!  There was lots of great cakes to eat.  Susan Bratcher and Alyssa Murphy had a lot of fun games for us to play.

One game everyone had to blow up a balloon and stuff it under their shirt so that they were now pregnant then we had to put a coin in between our knees and waddle to the jar to drop our coin in the jar (representing pregnant women always having to waddle to the bathroom).

Oh, and the team I was on won!  We also test tasted baby food – which was absolutely disgusting.  Wow, how do babies eat that stuff?

For another game, everyone had to guess how big I was by cutting off a piece of yarn.  Then they wrapped it around me to see who was the closest.  Believe it or not, my friend Birgit won and her yarn was exact.

Katy and Anne made me a beautiful diaper cake.  There was a whiteboard for everyone to guess if the baby is a girl or boy.  And I believe there were more tallies for the girl.

It was a wonderful party, and I really enjoyed myself (especially in my special chair!).

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