Prof. Horner Bible Reading System Bookmarks in German!

I have used Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System off and on since last year and can say without a doubt it is the very best Bible reading system I have done.

This Bible reading system has the Bible reader going through 10 different chapters from 10 different Bible books each day.

Here is an Example

Day 1

  1. Matthew 1
  2. Genesis 1
  3. Romans 1
  4. First Thessalonians 1
  5. Job 1
  6. Psalms 1
  7. Proverbs 1
  8. Joshua 1
  9. Isaiah 1
  10. Acts 1

Then the next day the Bible reader goes onto the next chapter for each bookmark.  Once a book is completed then the reader goes onto the next book on the bookmark.

It’s highly enjoyable to use this system.  I never grow bored because I am not stuck in a book like Leviticus for 27 days.  I only read one chapter of Leviticus and read 9 other chapters from 9 different books of the Bible.

Bibelleseplan 10 Kapitel pro Tag

Since I live and work in Germany I thought I would create Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System Bookmarks in German for my German friends who may be interested in using this system.

Feel free to print off as many of the bookmarks as you like, for your own use or for others.

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