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Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan Alternative Bookmarks

I have followed the original Grant Horner’s Bible Reading plan off and on for about 5 years.  The plan consists of reading 10 chapters from 10 different books of the Bible per day.  People have told me that they don’t think they would get much from a reading plan like this because it is a bit all over the place.  I disagree.  Because I’m reading from so many places in the Bible I start to see all the connections.  I see where there is a prophecy and then I may be reading another chapter and I see the prophecy fulfilled.  Plus the stories begin to stick in my mind and heart so much better.

In 2018 I plan on changing up the plan slightly.  Instead of 1 chapter in 10 different places, I am changing it to 2 chapters in 5 different places.

Bookmark One: Genesis to Esther (read 1.6 times a year)

Bookmark Two: Job to Song of Solomon (read 3 times a year)

Bookmark Three: Isaiah to Malachi (read 2.9 times a year)

Bookmark Four: John, Matthew, Luke, Acts (6.2 times a year)

Bookmark Five: Romans to Revelation (5.1 times a year)

If you turn to the beginning of your New Testament you will notice that it is Matthew through John and the comes Acts.  The reason I have bookmark four with Luke and Acts together is that Luke is part one and Acts is part two.  Both written by Luke to Theophilus.  I choose to read those to accounts together.

Below are the bookmarks that you can print off.

PS: One bonus to this reading plan is if you miss a day you are never really behind.  Just began where you left off and keep going.


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