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The Rapps Joining the Knapps

Well,  it is long overdue to update and tell everybody what we have been doing for the past month.  David and I enjoyed 3 busy weeks at the end of May and beginning of June reading with our LST Readers.  We already mentioned that we had about 40 sign up with us.   So we were very busy.  On top of that, we visited a school in Peine (Burgschule) and talked to 9th graders practicing their English.

In between, Randy and Katy have had several grill parties.  At these grill parties the Smelsers invite their English classes from the Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center).  So we enjoy an evening of grilling, eating, talking some English, and listening to mostly German.  These evening parties last about 3-4 hours long.

Now, when it came time for the Rapps to arrive, David and I moved upstairs to Randy and Katy’s guestroom while the Rapp team from Texas stayed in our room (the church’s guestroom) downstairs.  Craig and Kyle Rapp, a father and son team, came to Peine for 2 weeks to join us in the Let’s Start Talking work.

Craig and Kyle did an excellent job!  They helped out so much.  David and I were about to go crazy with all the work, so we were very thankful that God sent the Rapps when He did.  We got to spend a lot of time with them eating together, talking about the experiences with our Readers, showing them around Peine, teaching them how to shop, etc.  We had a good time.   They even took us out to eat, several times!!!  We also got to celebrate Kyle’s 14th birthday while they were here.  We are so blessed that they could come, and we really hope they enjoyed it.

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