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Max is Now a Walker with Crawling Habits

I can type pretty fast.  I had two typing classes in high school and no, I wasn’t required to take the same class twice. 🙂 One thing I always remember the teacher saying was to not look at our hands.  Most of us continued to look at our hands anyway.  That was why I got so fast.  It was easier than trying to type without looking at my hands.  Recently I discovered that I can type pretty quit without looking.  After years and years of typing I guess I memorized where the keys were at.

In a similar way Max can walk but still crawls quite a bit.  Why?  It’s just quicker than walking at the moment.  He waddles around when he walks, trying to keep his balance.  When he crawls he does so at lightening speed… for a toddler.

Max can walk!  Needles to say we are proud parents!  He’ll quit crawling when he is ready.  Now if he makes it to his 10th birthday and is still crawling most of the time I might have to take extra measures. 😐

Make sure to click any of the photos to open the gallery.  Wouldn’t want you to miss any of Max’s smiles!

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Max at 17 months

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